Photography, as I imagine it. 

This blog is an attempt to revitalize a part of my identity: The photographer. As long as I can remember, or at least from the first time I got hold of a camera, I have been taking photographs. I find it is something romantic about photos, especially in black and white, of course, but also in certain kinds of color photos. 

I used to have a thriving photoblog, right on this exact spot on the internet, som years back. But then things happened, that somehow made me oblivious of my photographic interest, and it went black for years. Some day, during the spring in the year 2020, however, it somehow came over me that there was something missing. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it, until I happened to pick up one of my old cameras, and suddenly it all came back to me.

I don’t claim to have anything original to say with my photos. I’m not particularly skilled, neither technically nor visually. But still, it is something about pressing the shutter, and editing the photos after, that makes me feel well. It is almost like I’m writing new stories with the photographs, histories that did not take place, but could have. I have been thinking about it, and it is the potential part, that interests me the most. When I take a photograph, I know the story behind it, but an unknown viewer does not. And as I allow myself to look at my photographs as an uninitiated spectator, they reveal new potentialities. This is what photographs are all about, I think, invite people to tell stories and tails.